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Ad Attribution is Growing Harder

We've grown accustomed to highly sophisticated ad platforms like Google and Facebook... we can dial up VERY specific audiences... see the exact actions they take... and trigger compelling messages at just the right moment in the customer journey.

In turn this has allowed us to attribute conversions to the right ad spend, so we can scale-up efforts that are profitable and kill those that lose money.

But this is all changing shockingly fast with the recent iOS14 privacy changes.

We've grown accustomed to being able to attribute almost every action throughout the customer journey

iOS 14 Is Only the Beginning

Users are now presented with a prompt asking if they want to be tracked.

When given the choice, nearly 70% of users will say, "no".

Changes have yet to be fully rolled out. But once they do, advertisers will lose data essential for accurate conversion attribution.

In turn, many will see their ad campaigns lose profitability.

But iOS 14 is just the beginning - other major platforms are following suit, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave browsers.

3rd cookies are virtually dead, and even 1st-party cookies are in some cases getting 'de-powered'.

As a result, tracking visitor actions across various properties involved in the customer journey is becoming more difficult.

Measures such as Facebook's Conversion API (CAPI) and Aggregated Events Management (AEM) help. But they're not a complete solution... there's a number of measures that must be put in place in order to ensure your campaigns remain profitable.

With iOS14 , the bulk of users are expected to opt-out of being tracked, making it harder to attribute conversions to the right campaign.

The Opportunity

MOST businesses who rely upon digital advertising, will soon find their campaigns becoming unprofitable.

In turn, they'll be forced out of the marketplace.

But those who are able to continue running profitable ads - despite the changes - will be presented with MORE inventory at reduced costs.

In other words, this 'Sea-Change' event is an opportunity... but only for those who address the complex issues to do with tracking.

We've created a Google Tag Manager template that significantly improves your current tracking and prepares you for the coming changes. You can use this for free in your own projects.

Those who change course and adapt to the new tracking paradigm will thrive, while those who don't will be forced out of the market

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